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About Gina

Hey there, I'm Gina. I live in south Orange County with my two fabulous kids including a wonderfully confident and precocious 12 year old transgender daughter and an amazingly gentle and philosophical 21 year old son. I have owned my own successful business for over twenty years. I also grew up in an emotionally abusive home with an alcoholic father and a narcissistic mother with borderline personality disorder. I was kicked out and homeless at seventeen, I am a survivor of suicide (my dad and brother both took their own lives) and just recently became a widow at 49 and I guess now I'm a blogger? I have obviously lived a very interesting and eventful life so I decided to start writing about it. I actually started a blog about having a transgender child ( but honestly just found that I didn't really have enough to write about. So, I decided to start again and incorporate all areas of my life and my experiences including my difficult childhood, having a transgender child and even running a business but mostly I want to document my philosophies and the tools and mindset I have incorporated in my life to become the happy, passionate person that I am despite everything I have gone through. I am doing this mostly for myself but also for my kiddos. I guess I am getting into the "legacy" part of my life where I want to leave them something when I am gone and I don't have a beach house or a fancy boat or anything so here you go's your inheritance! I know, you'd rather have the beach house...well, fuck you you ungrateful little bastards! Love Mommy! xoxoxoxo

Transgender Q&A

When it comes to the subject of transgender and the LGBT community, I think that there are three different types of people.  The first (and the fastest growing) group of people are the fervent supporters….YAAAAA!  These are our “peeps” and … Continue reading

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Leelah, Rest in Peace Sweet Girl

Today, I heard about the suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn.  I am filled with sadness at this horrible tragedy but in the sadness, I have also found the inspiration and bravery I needed to speak out. I started this blog about six … Continue reading

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Blissful Moments of Validation

Parenting is not for the faint of heart!  As a parent it is our responsibility to prepare our children to become fully functioning and happy adults who will take to heart the lessons that we have tried so hard to … Continue reading

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My “Coming Out”

Hey there, my name is Gina and I am the mom of an amazing 9 year old transgender daughter, Ashlyn and an 18 year old (straight and also totally amazing) son Tyler. Ashlyn transitioned about 6 months ago and while there … Continue reading

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