Orange County, California

Bio: Hey there, I'm Gina. I live in south Orange County with my two fabulous kids including a wonderfully confident and precocious 12 year old transgender daughter and an amazingly gentle and philosophical 21 year old son. I have owned my own successful business for over twenty years. I also grew up in an emotionally abusive home with an alcoholic father and a narcissistic mother with borderline personality disorder. I was kicked out and homeless at seventeen, I am a survivor of suicide (my dad and brother both took their own lives) and just recently became a widow at 49 and I guess now I'm a blogger? I have obviously lived a very interesting and eventful life so I decided to start writing about it. I actually started a blog about having a transgender child (www.HappyTransFamily.com) but honestly just found that I didn't really have enough to write about. So, I decided to start again and incorporate all areas of my life and my experiences including my difficult childhood, having a transgender child and even running a business but mostly I want to document my philosophies and the tools and mindset I have incorporated in my life to become the happy, passionate person that I am despite everything I have gone through. I am doing this mostly for myself but also for my kiddos. I guess I am getting into the "legacy" part of my life where I want to leave them something when I am gone and I don't have a beach house or a fancy boat or anything so here you go kids...here's your inheritance! I know, you'd rather have the beach house...well, fuck you you ungrateful little bastards! Love Mommy! xoxoxoxo

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    You write beautifully and based upon the little that I have read in your blog you are a wonderful Mom filled with unconditional love. There simply are not enough Moms in the world like you, thank God for you!


  2. Jean Kisarl says:

    wonderful, truly inspirational blog. I just wished we had more people like you around, our lives would not have been so destroyed. all my love and support, from Hong Kong. Jean


  3. Kathleen says:

    Hey girlfriend! I am so proud of you and everything you say touches my heart. Being a mom of a beautiful lesbian daughter Amber (who you have known since day one) and watching her grow up in a society where she was constantly tormented, ridiculed & hated for her differences, it means so much hearing your words. Growing up in Orange County was the most difficult thing of all for her. I knew she was gay years before she ever came out so when she did all I said was “its about time!!” After that, I started getting phone calls from her high school telling me she couldn’t hold hands with her girlfriend & I needed to “control” my daughter or when she went looking for a job & over the phone the employer thought she was perfect but once she saw her, she wouldn’t even come out to talk to her or interview her cause she has short hair and where’s men’s clothing. So basically, she finally came out and was comfortable with her sexuality because she knew we didn’t care or judge but then the rest of society did!!! She was suicidal at times but with the love of my family and friends, she got stronger and stronger with every dirty look or foul words yelled at her. She finally had enough and when she met some friends that live up in Northern California (a much more “excepting” area of California) and although I didn’t want her to move that far away, I helped her packed her bags and told her to get the fuck out of here!! Now, she has a job, a girlfriend and I just came back from visiting her and she has never been more happy in her life!! I miss her so much but seeing her happy is priceless and something I have been wanting to see for many many years!! So to you my friend I love you and thank you for this website and will visit it often!!! Please keep in touch!! Kath


  4. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t express how much I LOVE your blog. You and your family are a downright inspiration! Ashlyn is so lucky to have you; I pray that more transgender children can have parents as loving and accepting as you! Best wishes!


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